Walk and Talk

As well as working from my therapy room in Ramsey, I also offer ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions. ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions means we would meet in an agreed outdoor local location, one commonly used place is Wistow Wood and we would carry out our counselling session whilst being outdoors and walking, this can also include some sitting too – The selected location can depend on accessibility needs as well as fitness levels, and the pace that we walk is set by the client.

Being outdoors in a pleasant environment and surrounded by nature can be therapeutic in it’s self, thereby improving both physical as well as mental health, coupled with talking with a counsellor, it can prove extremely beneficial.

For some, working in this way can feel less intense and daunting than being in the therapy room. Some clients feel some of the focus is taken off of them due to the surroundings, and that walking side by side reduces the intensity of eye contact.

If you feel working in this way could be for you or for more information about these sessions please contact me either by phone, text, email or via my Contact me page.